October 21, 2014 Greater Montreal Region

There’s a saying “Build your own dream or someone else will hire you to build theirs” or even “Once you decide to work for yourself, you never go back to work for somebody else”. These are from entrepreneurs who have been there and are now passing down their wisdom to you! If you are reading this, you’re taking a first step in owning your own business. Now let me give you reasons for you to know that you’re on the right path:

1-The Pride and Joy of running your own business. Yes, it is a lot of hard work, but when that day comes, you’re in front of your store/ business with a smile of pride on your face and you tell yourself “ I did it” or “ This is mine”. It is an overwhelming feeling, a feeling of accomplishment that no one can give you but yourself.

2-Taking the Risk. Taking the step in owning your own business can be a risky challenge. It can be very stressful. This is one of the top reasons many people get cold feet when it's time to take the first step in owning their own business, but I would say it is just an “excuse” they use to stop themselves. Everything you do in life is a risk, getting married, having kids, owning a house, owning a car, the career path you choose, why should this be any different? Life is risk taking in general, so ask yourself, you’ve been taking risks all your life, why should you stop now?

3-Push your limit. Anyone who works for someone is kept from expending their limits. Owning your own business will allow you to expend them, explore them. Why should you have someone telling you who to be, when you yourself don’t? If you find yourself asking “who am I?” you're obviously stuck in a place that’s limiting yourself to challenge yourself. Get out there, there are so many opportunities out there. Bizcocity allows you to know yourself. Find the business that you think suits you, make it happen! See what you can do, you will find yourself amazed with things that you never knew you could do.

4-Be in Control. Owning your own business saves you from having to work with anyone else. Do you know when you’re in the driver seat and you're deciding on where to go and what to do? Owning your own business is basically like that but more. You’re driving your company into the future! Yes, that might sound overwhelming, some might even say scary, but you will be in control of your future. You’re in the car, you decide where to go, it’s an open road, the sky’s the limit, what’s yours?

5-Balance. Ever find yourself juggling between family, friends and work or even having some alone time? When you own your own business, you get to set your own hour and your own schedule to give yourself the perfect balance for you. You set your priorities that fit you. No more missing date night because you have to do that graveyard shift, or even missing your kid’s birthday because you have to work on the weekends. That will be all over!

6-Passion. When you’re doing something for yourself, it’s different. You won’t find yourself looking at the time, wondering if it’s time to clock out or having trouble getting out of bed to face another day of work. Nope! That’s over. The passion you’ll have of owning your own business will let you wonder “ Why haven’t I done this sooner!?” The excitement you will get from waking up to face another challenge for yourself , to improve yourself, to make the next day an even better day is just unlimited.

7-People around you. When you own your business, you decide who you want to work with. Surround yourself with happy people, keep your surroundings with positive vibes, it can only make you look forward going back there day after day after day. Are you close with your family? Hey why not bring them to work with you? If you get along with them, why should you only see them when you have time? You can work with anyone you want. Be glad and happy doing so! And why shouldn’t you? You worked hard to get this, you deserve this!

8-Getting things done. Yes! You no longer have to wait for someone to tell you what to do! You decide, so you can get things done faster. Rather than waiting for approval from the “guys above”. You can take action and make things happen.

9-Customer Service. You’ve noticed once you run your own business that you actually look forward in serving your customers. You actually enjoy interacting with them. No more following standards or reading through cue cards when serving a customer. You can give them your 110% without hesitation or wondering if you’re doing it right. Why not ask them? They are your customers after all.

10-Giving back to the Community. You can take pride in knowing that you’ve made a difference. You have created opportunities to your community, giving the people a better choice in jobs, taking a step in making a difference with every customer that steps in. It’s all you. And your community will thank you for doing so. You can even take it a step further and share a part of your profits with charities in the area.