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BizCoCity’s Privacy Policy
Privacy policy – Last Updated: September 9, 2014
This privacy policy is intended to inform the users and members of our website on how the information collected on our network of websites is used. It is recommended to read this Privacy Policy prior to using our website and submitting any personal information. Be aware, that by using or registering to our website you are accepting and agreeing to our practices as described in this policy as well as our Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right to make changes to our websites Privacy Policy at any time and without prior notice. Please note these policies are solely applicable to our website and group of sites but are not valid for any linking or 3rd party websites contained therein.
BizCoCity’s Privacy Statement 
Our Privacy Statement covers our website BizCoCity as well as its sister websites and any products and services offered directly by our site and company. Our services include and are limited to any services offered by BizCoCity Company. Any claims or offers by third party affiliates, website members or advertisers would be subject to these parties’ respective policies and terms and conditions. All user data collected that is considered to be private is not used or shared with the exception of what is described as being permitted within this Privacy Policy unless otherwise authorized by the user. Our collection and use of information permits us to improve upon your user experience with respect to our internal, statistical and historical analysis as well as our records. This Privacy Policy serves as a summarized Guideline of the procedures and policies put in place by BizCoCity with respect to the protection and use of your information provided to our website. 
Any information submitted via a public, messaging or social sharing resource is not covered by this policy. Any information that is published or submitted by a user which will be publicly viewable or sent User to User (via a response to listing or message) cannot be held under our responsibility as per our Privacy Policy. We therefore ask that you exercise caution and consideration before creating public content or providing personal details to other site users, as your personal information is your own responsibility.      
BizCoCity Policy - Collected Information: 
BizCoCity and our group of websites collects personally identifiable information such as names, postal codes, addresses, emails, and other personal information which is voluntarily submitted by our visitors, users and members. The information which is provided by users and collected by BizCoCity is used to fulfill your specific requests and improve your overall site experience. We also collect user and business information for our individual products and services including Profiles, Listings, Messages, Blog, Q&A posts as well as any questionnaires, surveys or feedback forms submitted to us via our website. BizCoCity also collects user search and user navigation data for statistical, historical, business and analytical purposes. BizCoCity does not collect your financial information such as credit card information, number and expiration date in accordance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, whereas this information is handled by our reputable and accredited third party processor. These details, when submitted through our site, are sent through the processing gateway directly and all transactions are processed via our E-Commerce portal. Our processor stores this Data for a minimum of XXdaysXX to facilitate any future transactions or renewals which may occur for your services on BizCoCity and other sites within our Network. BizCoCity also tracks IP addresses of users and may create and deliver cookies within the browser file on website user’s computer to ensure the best site experience possible.
BizCoCity - Use of Collected Information: 
The information collected by BizCoCity helps us create a better environment for our users and lets us understand their needs and identify areas where our user experience can be improved. We rely heavily on our users’ feedback and that of our communities, however, we also collect additional usage data to ensure that all paths on our website, lead to a satisfactory result for our users.
Email addresses are used to send notifications, promotions or messages to our clients and members but never to send spam, unsolicited emails or advertise 3rd party services to our users or members. You can set your notification settings through: *XXMySettingsXX (*available only for registered users) to set frequency, method and limit the type of emails and notifications which are sent to you through our site. If you have opted to receive information through our website, personal information can be used in messages and for tracking responses in the event of such communication for marketing, development or customer service purposes.
User-site activity relating to search and navigation of our website is collected and analyzed for use for business purposes and internal tracking and analytics as well as to describe user’s preferences, globally trending items and terms or other tracking of popularity of respectively visited site pages. This includes our use of cookies and IP Geo-location which is used to guide a user to city centrically based landing pages to ensure the facilitation of website navigation. BizCoCity maintains the right to store and use all data for an indeterminate amount of time.
Financial information collected by our third party processors is stored for your convenience and is used for subsequent purchases of products and services offered through our site. BizCoCity has no direct access to your financial information and this information is not shared beyond our processors end.        
You may send a request to delete or deactivate any personal information or account information by contacting us. Account verification protocols will be put in place to ensure we are speaking with the valid account holder in accordance with our Terms of Use / Terms and Conditions
BizCoCity’s Policy on Cookies:
BizCoCity and its websites may use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your overall site experience. The first time a user accesses our website, a “cookie” is sent from our server to your browser and is then stored within the browser on your local computer. Our persistent cookies are designed to improve your browsing experience and to remember state-based information from your past sessions on our website. We may also send session cookies (depending on your activities on our site) which are not stored locally and that actually expire when your browser is closed. There are a variety of methods to avoid receiving or to delete existing cookies in your browsers. For further details, refer to the help files contained within your browser.  
Please be aware that we do not use our cookies to store any personal or sensitive information submitted during your site session. If you have set your browser to block or reject cookies it may have a negative impact on your overall site experience, however, we have programmed our website with these drawbacks in mind as we allow you to save custom settings for search and tracking purposes directly within your account.
Third-Party Tracking
Any tracking or use of cookies by our partners or advertisers is not intended to be covered by our privacy policy. We do not have access or control over any third party cookies or tracking and therefore will not be held accountable for any form of information obtained by these parties.
Responsible Use of Messaging: 
It is not acceptable to use our “contact” and “send message” features to send spam or any other type of unsolicited commercial email or any content that violates BizCoCity’s terms and conditions. We have put safeguards in place to monitor and track data sent via this feature however we are not obliged to monitor these communications and reserve the right to review messages if abusive use is suspected. Any registered user who abuses the policies and terms contained within the websites Privacy Policy or Terms of use/Terms and Conditions can be deemed as an abuser and will have their account suspended or terminated.
Although we may regularly monitor activity with respect to messaging in cases where abuse is suspected, will not be obligated to track and review any messages or notifications sent via our messaging tools. If you send a message via our system or have shared information we will not use any email or contact details for any purpose other than the delivery of the content. We may although are not required to store this information for internal purposes such as determining success rates of new members joining based on these messages and notifications.
Our Commitment to the Security of Personal Data: 
The trust and confidence of our clients and members is BizCoCitys highest priority, therefore we are committed to take every precaution possible to ensure that your personal information is secure within our business environment, both virtually and physically. Only authorized agents of BizCoCity will ever have access to your information and your information will only be accessed by the agents when warranted by our internal policies and procedures.
To further ensure your security of personal and sensitive information, we have decided to use a professional 3rd party company to handle our processing needs. This ensures the safety of your transactions and financial details such as credit card numbers and other online banking information used. Our site and processors use Secure Socket Layer with encryption. We recommend that you visit for full details on security with respect to the use of Secure Socket Layers SSL.
To be addressed based on processor decision:
The use that BizCoCity's partners make of customer information will not exceed BizCoCity's use of the data. Key billing information (such as credit card number, expiration date and dollar amount) gathered from users making online purchases of products or services is shared with Verisign, our credit card processing partner, in order to authorize charges to the credit card. BizCoCity also uses third party providers to perform email and postal mailings on behalf of BizCoCity, but this information (such as name, address and email) is confidential and is not used by the provider for any other purpose. 
Shared information on BizCoCity: 
BizCoCity does not share information without the consent of our members. When creating a listing or profile on our site without indicating that you would like to hide the information or entering information that shows if entered, a member is consenting that we will share this information publicly through our website as part of said respective listing or profile. We have reviewed our user-experience extensively and feel that the end result is a very comprehensive site experience which will thoroughly inform you thusly of which data will and won’t be displayed. We encourage you to “Preview” your listings, profiles and other content before they are published to ensure the correct data is showing.   
Shared information - With Respect to Listing Information:
When creating a Listing on BizCoCity certain information is shared publicly. A member who creates a listing is recommended to add a name and telephone which will be displayed publicly on the listing. Alternatively a user may choose just to fill in an email address so they can receive email inquiries only. Also note, any information entered on a listing will be public unless otherwise specified through our website. 
Shared information - With Respect Profile Information:
BizCoCity allows the ability to create multiple profile types depending on the type of role you have on our website. Any information published within a profile, unless otherwise specified within the creation, is considered as publicly viewable and the member who is creating this content is consenting this by publishing it in accordance with our Privacy Policy and website Terms and Conditions.
Shared information - With Respect Broker Profile Information:
BizCoCity’s XXBroker ProductXX allows our Business Broker members to create and manage profiles independently as well as to have the option to have multiple user profiles managed under one master account. As such, it is the responsibility of the Brokerage members to ensure that the data contained therein and the individuals with access to this data are properly managed, as we cannot be responsible for information published by a user through our system. We have put fail-safe security measures in place for any potential use cases where there could be issues with shared use of the system; however, these issues are likely to never occur provided Brokers use our site responsibly. Any Broker Agent listed within a Brokerage account consents that the details provided within their account can be accessed in accordance with our Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions and it is up to the Brokerage to ensure this. They must also consent that they will be contacted on the email addresses submitted for the Broker Agents through the Brokerage Account. Additionally, a Broker Agent’s details will be appearing in our Broker Directory as well as on any listings or offices with which that Broker Agent is associated.
Shared information – Contacting members through site:
When responding to a listing or contacting a member through the website, be advised that your are transmitting this data to a 3rd party user, therefore any information sent by this method should be considered as having the possibility of being shared publicly and cannot be protected as per our Terms and Privacy Policy. 
Additional Provisions respecting Shared Information
Any user information collected by BizCoCity is treated as is disclosed within this Privacy Policy in accordance with our Terms and Conditions. We may obtain information from third parties such as email addresses and contact details of parties who have indicated interest in our service and that we foresee may have a reasonable interest in our site and its activities. These potential members may be contacted and advised of the legitimate offer for membership or partnership, in accordance with our development procedures. Affiliates and agents may also access third party information and contact individuals or businesses that they feel would benefit from our business and services at their own discretion and responsibility. BizCoCity operates ethically and responsibly and chooses with whom we do business based on those principles; however we cannot be held responsible or liable for third party claims and practices of affiliates, although we do our best to monitor them to ensure they abide by our terms.     
In the unlikely event that BizCoCity is sold to or merged with a 3rd Party Company, in part or in full, all information; historical, analytical, personal and all other business related content may be transferred or shared with said third party. Our agreement in such a case would entail that the respective 3rd party would be required to abide by our terms as they stand at that time with respect to the policies and terms of use as accepted by our members at the time of registration or activity. If this third party wishes to change the standing terms at this time, they will be required to notify all members to inform them of such changes XX days prior to implementing them. This will provide you ample time to opt-out of the website if you are no longer in agreement with the new Terms or Policies.
BizCoCity may be required to disclose personal information when required to comply by law in such cases where a court order or legal request is sent to our website in order to comply with a judicial proceeding. We are bound to do so in accordance with law. This may occur for a variety of reasons including fraud prevention, legal investigation and can be collected by government agencies as well as legal agencies without formal notice to a user or member. We reserve the full right to your account information if: (A) we are required to do so by law; or (B) there is a pending fraud investigation or (C) in cases where fraud prevention or intervention is taking place. 
Submitting Testimonials to BizCoCity: 
We love to hear your feedback, especially when we hear how great the experience has been for you! We welcome customer feedback and if we feel that your feedback sends our message loud and clear, we may ask you if we can use your name and info for promotional purposes. Not only is a great way for us to show new-comers first-hand how well our service works, but it also gives you the ability to solidify your brand or self as being an active member of our web community. We will never publish these details without your consent, however, if you would like you can actually send us your complimentary email with your consent included! You can submit a testimonial or any other comments or feedback by clicking here. If you have consented to have your name published by error or if you have changed your mind, simply let us know and we will correct it for you as quickly as possible.
BizCoCity Q&A, Forum and Blog
Users of the BizCoCity Blog and BizCoCity Q & A forum are subject to site Terms and Conditions. Upon creating your profile, you are asked to specify which details can be shown, unless your profile is hidden. Profiles are publicly accessible and in order to contribute to the BizCoCity Blog and Q & A forum, we request that you create a basic personal profile so can identify yourself within the community. We would like to make you aware that any publicly displayed information as well as posts and answers can be accessed and potentially used by anyone accessing the site. It’s a great way to get information out, but if someone likes it enough, it may be copied. You can click here to access the privacy settings for your account or contact us should you have any questions about your privacy settings.
Social Media Icons and Widgets – (Indemnity) 
BizCoCity uses various social media outlets to share content and information in order to promote the site and our members’ activities. We have no control over the practices of these third party networks, their terms or privacy policies. Therefore it is recommended that you be aware of the terms and policies of these sites as well if you have privacy concerns. Any social media content such as logos, widgets, icons, and any other 3rd party social network related content is therefore proprietary of the company or organization which owns it. 
Other Third Party Sites and Content
BizCoCity’s websites may contain links to external and 3rd party websites which will have their own terms and policies. As such, we are not responsible for any activity done through these sites and any user activities on said sites would be subject to the respective site’s privacy policies and Terms of use. 
Editing or Deleting Personal details and Opt-out 
BizCoCity is authorized to contact its members by any means it feels to be accommodating when it is deemed necessary to communicate with our members. By registering or submitting your contact information through our website you are acknowledging and consenting this and grant us the right to communicate with you via any method deemed appropriate. Reasons for contact may include but is not limited to member support, marketing or legally related matters, as well as for other appropriate purposes. By accessing our site and providing these details to us you are consenting this and are agreeing that we are not liable for sending email to our members and users unless they have otherwise fully opted-out and terminated their account.
BizCoCity members may prefer not to receive notifications for various site activities or may prefer to set a limit to how and when these notifications occur. Registered users and members may click here in order to access the “My Settings” section of their user profile in order to toggle this on and off. This feature is intended only to deactivate or set notification settings for automatic notifications; however, BizCoCity may send emails to our members directly as expressed in the previous paragraph. Users who would like to opt-out or unsubscribe completely for communications may do so by clicking here or my emailing us directly at . Please note that we will maintain the right to contact you regarding support related inquiries or for any other business related purpose which we deem to be necessary which are not promotionally related.

You may update your personal information at anytime through your account management pages, either by editing a listing, editing a profile or editing your account details. <-(hyperlinks?). Simply select Edit, update the information, click to Preview your listing or profile and hit Save to update this information.
Most BizCoCity products are subscription based. Therefore, for your convenience and to ensure your continued visibility on our website, our products will be auto-renewed at the end of every cycle(typically the “Date” of purchase, carried month to month). Franchisor subscriptions must be cancelled XX45XX days in advance, as we bill a month in advance and Broker and other basic listing packages need only to be cancelled XX15XX days before the renewal date, unless a package was taken for a minimum duration. These changes can be made directly through XXMy PurchasesXX or by contacting us at from the email address registered on your account. We reserve the right to change our pricing and billing terms at any time however will provide due notice to our members in the event that this occurs.
BizCoCity maintains the right to keep account information and statistics when an account is deactivated for historical and analytical purposes, in accordance with our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. If you wish to have your account terminated, please contact us or email us directly at from the email address registered on your account.
BizCoCity does not save your financial information however our processorXX will store this information for XX Days in order to facilitate any automatic month to month billing for your convenience. Your Credit Card information is therefore purged from the system after XX Days for security purposes, if no new transactions have occurred via our website within that time-frame. If you have additional questions on how your financial information is handled you can contact us at anytime. 
Notification Procedures:
BizCoCity reserves the right to email or message its members through our website to provide notifications and important communications with respect to the website, even if a member has requested to not receive any automated messages through our site. These emails may be member support, marketing or legally related, as well as for other purposes when deemed necessary. When and how such communications are sent is at the discretion of BizCoCity and you have the ability to fully opt-out of this service by clicking here. To ensure that you are able to receive our important emails and messages, it is recommended that you add “ to your “safe senders” list or “contact book”, as we cannot be held responsible for the function of your email service providers filters.      
Updates to our Privacy Policy 
BizCoCity is forever growing and changing to better suit our members needs. We may from time to time need to update our Privacy Policies or Terms and Conditions to accommodate these updates with respect to our members’ privacy.
We may provide member and site notifications at such a time to notify our users of these changes, and we also reserve the right to make these changes at any time without any given notice, so be sure to review the “Last Updated” date at the top of page to ensure that you are up to date with our policies.   
If you have any questions, comments or concerns about this Privacy Policy please e-mail us at:
Sincerely – BizCoCity Staff